Sue Knight

Sue Knight

Hello, I'm Sue Spencer-Knight.  Thank you for visiting my website. My aim in preparing this site is to share my work with you so that you can explore and try out some of my ideas and views for yourself.

I'm a consultant, an author, a speaker and a personal coach. But more than that I am a wife and Mum. The purpose of my work is to support leaders to make a difference not only in their work but in the world at large. I believe that this millennium is a challenge and an opportunity for us each to be the leaders we are all called to be. I've pioneered the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in the world of business especially in its applications to help us each find our true potential.

I am delighted to announce the release of the significantly revised version of NLP at Work. I wrote this book as an introduction to the ways in which NLP can be used in both our personal and our work lives. You will find details of other books including my manual of exercises for Leaders - NLP and Leadership in the books section. For details of NLP Certification programmes see course details.

And if you want to ask any questions about NLP, please use the Ask Sue Knight page or send me your feedback.