Diary Dates

in the UK

NLP Open Programmes
Stage One
Introducing NLP
October 6th—7th£850 + VAT
April 20th—21st 2015Bix
October 12th—13th 2015Bix
Stage Two
NLP Business Practitioner
Module 1October 6th—10th£2500 + VAT
Module 2November 3rdfor the 2 modules
Module 1April 20th—24th 2015Bix
Module 2July 6th 2015Bix
Module 1October 12th—16th 2015Bix
Module 2November 12th 2015Bix
NLP Trainer TrainingModule 1April 27th—28th 2015£2500 + VAT
Module 2June 29th—30th 2015for the 4 modules
Module 3October 19th—20th 2015 
Module 4November 16th—17th 2015 
Special NLP Training Events
Coaching Mastery
Arul Subramaniam and Sue Knight
January 17th—18th 2015£200 + VAT
Coaching Mastery
Gene Early and Sue Knight
April 29th—30th 2015£450 + VAT
Inspire Days in IndiaJanuary 20th—21st 2015£100 + VAT